Hugen Mfa - Focussing on the support of Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment

Over the years, Hugen MfA has developed strong relationships with original equipment manufacturers as well as after-market parts and service establishments in an effort to provide the most complete, accurate, cost effective and timely service available in the industry.

The support includes all aircraft fire suppression equipment, oxygen components (bottles, masks, regulators) and emergency equipment including escape slides, life rafts and life jackets.

The facility is located close to Arnhem in the Netherlands and operates a pick-up and delivery service which includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. The service provides its customers with both cost reductions in logistic costs and improved turnaround times.

Hugen hold an array of OEM approvals that include AVI Survival Products for Life Rafts, AEROX for Oxygen Cylinders, Kidde Deugra for fire suppression and Switlik for Life Vests.